“Jen Whinnen yogi, teacher, and mother of 2, founded Three Sisters Yoga in 2010, a yoga teacher training school that stands apart – because it doesn’t physically stand anywhere.  With a mission to spread the teachings of yoga in an inspiring, nonjudgmental way, Jen designed a program that is well-rounded and portable, not attached to any one studio.

With a scholarship program in the works for people who serve, such as nurses, EMTs, the NYPD and the FDNY, Three Sisters Yoga is working to make a larger impact on the world. Lisa Dawn Angerame sat down with Jen to find out about all of her inspiring enterprises.”

“Jen stresses the idea that yoga is a practice, that it’s something, like life, to work at every day. She finds time between parenting, teaching, and administrative tasks to focus on her own practice, both yoga and meditation.”


“Owning a business on your own means ‘you’re in charge, which is a blessing and a curse, but with a partner that takes some of that pressure off, which is awesome,’ Whinnen says.

‘If something is bothering you, say something right away and keep it all out in the open,’ she says. ‘If you sit on it, it’s going to explode.'”


“Three Sisters Yoga makes a special effort to make the RYT training available to people with lesser means while maintaining an integrity on the teachings of yoga. It offers a good range of scholarship and work trade options.”

From: PlanB