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This is where I truly began my journey as a yogi. I cannot put into words how much Three Sisters Yoga teacher training benefited my life. I felt that the teachers formed close bonds with us and answered any questions that arose with care. I felt my body awareness grow daily with our detailed discussions of anatomy and proper placement for each asana. These TSY yogis really KNOW what they are teaching, and are passionate about leaving no students wondering more. The training meant so much more to me than just learning how to teach yoga. TSY allowed me growth physically, spiritually, and within everyday relationships. Now living on the west coast, I continue to have Jen’s words echoing in my head anytime I hit the mat… miss you yogis! A gazzilion thumbs up!!!!

- Kelli D.

I trained with Three Sisters and it was really a wonderful experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring. It was a life-changing three months, and was a great way to begin my journey as a yoga teacher.

—Abby P.

Annette: Spring 2019 200 Hour Graduate

I have not enough words to express my feelings towards Jen and her training program. All I can convey in a few sentences is that it change my life and to all the amazing people who crossed my why while doing this program I will always be in debt to them because they taught me so much and gave me so much. At three sisters they taught me I can still be a yogi with my bionic left leg! Thanks

—Lion O.

Jen’s class is like taking a vacation from your life and going on a magical journey that leaves you feeling exhilarated, joyous, grateful, grounded and completely “zen-ed” out all at once! Jen’s flows are so unique and innovative that you are always completely immersed in each moment, each breath, and each movement. She is such a positive force; she helps you break new boundaries – spiritual and physical – without ever pushing too hard. Every class I took with Jen, I felt completely safe, while at the same time absolutely challenged and invigorated. Jen is like a Mother Yogi – she wants the best for her children students, and does everything she can to help them blossom and come into their own – encouraging and always nurturing without any pressure or expectations. I also love the inspirational and thought-provoking stories and antidotes that Jen shares – they always left me thinking long after I left the yoga studio. Regardless of how I felt before Jen’s class, upon arrival I was always excited for my journey ahead – safe in Jen’s hands. I left every class feeling completely at peace, brimming with love, and ready to take on the world! Thank you, Jen

—Heidi Kristoffer (www.heidikristoffer.com)

I recently completed the 200-Hour “Three Sisters Yoga” Teacher Training Program with Jen Whinnen. It was the most complete training I could have ever received. Jen was well organized, demonstrated the poses clearly, had us practice them repeatedly, and then had us practice teaching the individual poses to the entire class. Her classes are taught in a very personal and nurturing way, which makes you feel like you are part of a family. The program was well rounded with lectures on the History of Yoga, Subtle Body, Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy and Special Populations. Most importantly, Jen teaches her students how to instruct with proper form to avoid injury.
I thank Jen for sharing her wisdom on Yoga!!!

—Daniel S.

Before I enrolled in the Three Sisters Yoga program, I knew little about the history of yoga, its beneficial nature to both the body and soul, and its impact on the lives of numerous yogis around the world. That quickly changed after my first class and I learned so much, and then some, about practicing yoga and how to share that knowledge with others. The instructors are brilliant; beyond experienced and offer excellent support. They really know their stuff and are so passionate about sharing that knowledge with those willing to learn. Great learning environment, very laid-back atmosphere and absolutely judgment free! It was great and unforgettable experience and made awesome friends in the process. You will leave the program feeling confident in your abilities as an instructor, gain excellent awareness of your body and develop a fearless and stress-free approach to teaching. The amount of knowledge, equanimity and support you gain from Three Sisters Yoga is immeasurable! Can’t recommend Three Sisters Yoga enough.

—Julissa N.

I chose to do my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Three Sisters Yoga because I had practiced with the founder, Jen, and teachers trained by Jen, and knew that her approach to yoga made it challenging and accessible at the same time, and classes were appropriate for all different levels of students. I found that Jen really has a gift not only for teaching to all levels of students, but also for training teachers to have the skills to construct interesting, accessible, and challenging classes that are their own classes.

The experience totally exceeded my expectations. It was VERY affordable. Three Sisters offers the same training program you can get at an established NYC studio for essentially half to cost. My teachers from the program have continued to help and support me.The schedule was doable even for people with full time jobs. I left with great teaching skills, insight into different approaches to yoga and a helpful understanding of yogic philosophy. The Three Sisters instructors have all offered continuing support; they’ve been available to give feedback on classes and discuss challenges I might face with my teaching. They really want us to succeed. Most important, my class of fellow teachers are really inspiring and supportive. We practice together, work on classes together, and have created an ongoing series we teach together.

Honestly, I got more out of the training than I ever imagined, I had a great experience, and Jen is really, truly talented. I think you’ll be very happy with Three Sisters.

—Laine A.

Testimonial from the incredible teacher and owner of Greene Movement Studio in Brooklyn, check out what Ngone has to say!

Jen was one of my teachers when I was training to become certified in Winter of 2008. Jen was my favorite instructor, and she has a way of being extremely approachable, authentic, and relate-able through her warmth and compassionate demeanor. she would motivate with little tidbits of advice and short stories, which really inspired me in my yoga practice as well as other areas of my life. her humor and way of maintaining class attention was colored with an openness and light-heartedness that is hard to come by, and made her teaching a safe environment of exploration. this is of course, in addition to her being extremely knowledgeable about yoga and her advanced practice, which made her classes unique, challenging, and varied. One would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

—Rosalind Ting (www.yogabyroz.com)

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I just completed my teacher training with Three Sisters and cannot say enough positive things. Many studios are stringent in their approach and Jen (owner) has a warm, approachable, yet succinct directive. This training has ultimately changed my outlook, philosophy and physique. I walked away with so many tools and going forward hope to emulate her teaching technique. You are welcomed not only as a student but part of a family during this training. The inexpensive tuition seems almost like theft of service. If you are a prospective teacher in training definitely check this school out!

—Kelly M.

Brigid & Crystal share their experience doing their 200 Hour YTT at TSY

I was first introduced to Jen 5 years ago. After attending one of her classes I was quick to grab a schedule and attend as many as I could. Jen has a very unique blend of being totally down to earth and able to speak to the most esoteric philosophies in a highly intelligent attainable way. She has an ability to articulate the basic or advanced philosophies of Yoga, Taoism, Jung, Buddhism and her own ideas of the world and spirituality; making them all very accessible to the lay person and fellow philosophers alike… Nothing feels unattainable when Jen is talking or teaching. After training with Jen at Sonic in 2004 I jumped at the chance to assist her. She welcomed me into her classroom helping me to develop my adjustment skills and eventually giving me parts of the class to find my voice as a teacher. Due to her tutelage I have gone on to instruct privately with high profile human rights activists to new Moms, in Studios and Gyms.

—Erin Moon (www.msmoonyogiactor.blogspot.com)

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