Social Media: Stay in the Light

I know the dangers and pitfalls of social media. I know I will go into the vortex of “sosh meed” and it will most likely leave me feeling… meh. Yet, I also know that each day, at some point or another, I will end up on social media. I have accepted that at some point in every working day, I will feel the "meh" impact of social media.

Which is why I was so surprised today when I actually felt uplifted after being online. My feed was filled with graduations, and babies, and birthdays, and people who have survived surgeries, and people who are cheering themselves on as they battle with their demons. Today, I needed a break from my worries and the most unlikely of sources -  social media - jumped in and gave me a little taste of sweetness.


Now, I am not going to say we should all go and indulge until our eyeballs fall out, but I do want give credit where credit’s due, so to all of you who:

  • Are meeting with family and friends, getting to go on that once in a lifetime vacation, or adopting a pet - that is so wonderful.

  • Graduated, retired, or newly promoted - you did it! I am so proud of you.

  • Gave birth. I can smell you from here baby, and you make my heart sing!

  • Had a Birthday! You made it another trip around the sun! I celebrate you.

  • To those of you who survived your surgeries, who are working on managing your mental illness, and sticking with recovery, looking for a new job - thank you for sharing your story and your vulnerability. You give me hope. You make me want to be a better person.

Summer is classically the season of fruitfulness. It is the time to allow life to sweeten and flourish. We go to the beach, we stay up late, we check out for awhile and it is wonderful. But, today I was reminded that no matter the season, we need lift each other up, celebrate our successes, share in our grief and support each other. We need each other.

So thank you for being you! You deserve all the good things. And I wish you all the best in the days ahead.